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Numerology Horoscopes for All – A Free Birth Day Number Reading for Everyone

In this awesome video everyone can find their numerology, birth day number reading (Numerology Horoscopes). Just be patient and listen carefully for when you birth date comes up. There are 31 readings, one for each day of the month, based upon the mystical attributes where birth dates correspond to each day’s moon phase. Watch the […]

The pythagorean two branches of life.

Egyptian Numerology and the Pythagoreans

Egyptian numerology is considered to be the oldest numerology, and the origin of ideas on the predictive capabilities of numbers. The Egyptians certainly believed in the importance of numbers. Perhaps the foremost proponent of this reality, in recent history, was the leading student of symbolist Egypt. That leading student of Egyptian Numerology was Réné Schwaller […]

The meaning of numerology: Image is the thumbnail for the article what is numerology.

What Does Numerology Mean?

Numerology is most successful when used for predictions based on names of individuals or companies after calculating their “angel” number. Here we answer the question; “What does numerology mean”? The Meaning of Numerology Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also […]

5 Numerology Readings Solutions You Can Try Today

In this article we touch on the basics of what Numerology is, an opinion of where it originated (there are many theories), and the probability that it’s secrets and insights can improve your life as early as today. For thousands of years, Numerology has been a popular, if somewhat mystical practice, of discovering a great […]